emCIB Lab

Living Architecture

(EU H2020 FET-OPEN-686585)





The aim of Living Architecture (LIAR) is the designing and developing of a modular bioreactor-wall. It is based on the operational principles of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) as a programmable environment and its technical integration with microbial ‘consortia’. LIAR will be a next generation selectively programmable bioreactor and integral component of human dwelling, capable of extracting valuable resources from sunlight, waste water and air. It generates oxygen, proteins and biomass by manipulating consortia performance. Applications within urban systems are a form of customizable, programmable microagriculture for installation in domestic, public (schools, hospitals) and office environments. The system has far reaching impacts on building performance (resilience, resource recycling) manufacturing and design with ecosystems that comprise entangled relations between the techno and biospheres.


The project establishes:


● Protocols for ‘synthetic ecosystem’ design and engineering.


● Foundational concepts for computationally processing, recycling, remediating and synthesizing valuable compounds from waste water.


● Transferable principles for the construction of living architecture.


Researchers in charge: JL García and J. Nogales .