Public funding

  • Study of the molecular mechanisms that control bacterial adaptation to the anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds. PI: E. Díaz. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. Ref: BIO2012-39501. Funding: 292,500 €. Duration: 2013-2015.
  • Biopolymers from syngas fermentation. Coordinator, J.L. García (CIB-CSIC). FP7-KBBE 311815. CIB Team-Environmental Microbiology. PI: E. Díaz. Funding: 290,105 €. Duration: 2012-2016.
  • How bacteria detect sound waves in the audio frequency range? PI: J.L. García and E. Díaz. Funding: 75,000 €. Duration: 2015-2016.
  • A Synthetic Biology approach for bacterial bioconverion of lignin into renewable chemicals (LIGBIO). Coordinator, Timothy Bugg (U. Warwick). PI CIB Team: E. Díaz. EU H2020. Ref: ERA-IB-14-055. Funding 250,000 €. Duration 2015-2017.
  • Systems analysis of the metabolic robustness in bacteria (RobDcode). IP: J Nogales. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

Ref: BIO2014-59528-JIN. Funding: 200,860 €. Duration: 2016-2019.

  • Living (LIAR). Coordinator, Rachel Armstrong (U. Newcastle). PI CIB Team: J Nogales. EU H2020. Ref. FET-OPEN-686585.

Funding: 975,151.25 €. Duration: 2016-2019.




Private funding

  • Engineering a novel generation of bacterial biocatalysts for production of oil-based chemicals: conversion of sulfur-containing compounds into chemicals. IP: E. Díaz. Aramco Overseas Company B.V. Contract No. 6600029601. Funding: 329.629 €. Duration: 2012-2014.


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