Gonzalo Durante
Gonzalo Durante


Dr. Gonzalo Durante obtain his PhD studying the genetic regulation of aromatic degradation pathways in Azoarcus sp. CIB. At the last part, he focused his attention in a regulator (BzdR), studying its modular structure (DNA binding domain and effector binding domain) and generating in the process new chimerical proteins capable to acquire new functions. So this first contact with the synthetic biology increased his interest in the system biology world and he decided to do a first postdoc in the Victor de Lorenzo’s Lab, where he was involved in several projects related to arsenic regulation pathway in Pseudomonas putida and the design of a biosensor and a detoxification system of arsenic, based on the regulator ArsR. On the other hand, he could design and construct several useful tools in the synthetic biology field, like a Cherry protein sensitive to protease-proteasome (proteolytic switch), adapted to the enzymatic pha system, to control and uncouple the PHB production from the bacterial growth.

Then, Gonzalo started a new postdoc in the Eduardo's Lab (emCIB Lab). At this time, he is involved in several projects.

The first of them is the Synpol Project, where he's constructing a new biobrick with the cox genes coming from Oligotropha carvoxidovorans OM5, to transfer the ability to use CO as carbon and energy source to another organisms like Ralstonia eutropha H16.

The second project is related with the study of the ability of Azoarcus sp. CIB to resist arsenate (AsV) and arsenite (AsIII), and to use arsenate as electron acceptor.

The third project is related with signalling of the two component system Acc in Azoarcus sp.CIB, and the role of the quinones and flavins in the activity of the protein AccS.

The last one is the project called Sonotaxis which it was conceived by Gonzalo and now he is managing it along with Helena Gómez. This project will try to ellucidate the ability of the bacteria to respond to the sound at several frequencies in the rank 20-20000 Hz.

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